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ALX Real Estate offers non-traditional, alternative real estate investments in the Dallas–Fort Worth market—single-family, multifamily, and premium land.

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If you’re an accredited investor, you deserve a team of trusted investment professionals to help you find and execute deals in some of the best asset classes available.

Investment management

Our investment management service is meticulously tailored to meet your unique needs. We harness our extensive knowledge of the DFW real estate market to devise strategies that align with your financial objectives, identifying opportunities with the potential for significant returns.

Private placement

As a forward-thinking private investment firm, we focus on investing in promising real estate projects across DFW. Our approach is centered on building long-term value for our investors and partners, pooling resources and expertise to undertake impactful projects to yield robust returns and foster regional development.

Private lending

Placing first-position debt on vetted residential flips and new construction. We partner with talented, trustworthy operators to achieve consistent, reliable returns while providing the resources they need to succeed and grow.

Asset advisory

Beyond investment and asset management, we offer expert advisory services. This includes guidance on project feasibility, market analysis, planning, and execution. Our team works closely with operators and investors to bring visionary real estate projects to life, contributing to the growth and vibrancy of the DFW area.

Our mission

To provide strong, consistent returns to select investors by identifying and strategically executing high-performing real estate investments.

Our process

Foundational skills for real estate investing

We are always looking for ways to improve our underwriting and management process in pursuit of mastering the foundational skills of successful real estate investing.

01. Analysis

Seek value. Our underwriting process starts with analyzing the asset, neighborhood, and surrounding areas of potential investment opportunities. Analysis includes historical financials, microeconomic data and trends, as well as nearby new development and business activity. Every property taken through the process receives data-driven documentation highlighting past performance and clear growth potential.

Focus on the big picture. We spend a lot of time and energy studying macro, interest rate–relevant economic data to better help us understand and plan for future cap rate and cash flow sensitivity. An emphasis on big picture conditions and outlook will always be a top priority.

Choose the best. A final step is to rank criteria matching properties, separating good from great, offering only the top investments we find.

02. Debt structuring

Trust experience. Our team is made up of financial and real estate professionals who have been placing and structuring sophisticated debt instruments for many years. We have a history of sourcing, negotiating, and deploying loans from banks, agencies, and bridge lenders with an understanding of how to match loan terms with investment objectives.

Maximize stability and returns. Well-placed debt and optimal leverage ensure the biggest impact possible for invested dollars.

Debt sources and options. Our relationships with banks, agency loan originators, and third-party brokers allow us to price a wide variety of terms and give us access to several diverse capital sources, helping ensure that we anchor each investment with the most appropriate and most effective loan.

03. Equity relationships

Risk-reward match. Every investor and every investment is different. We pride ourselves on forming relationships built on trust and respect for individual goals. Clarity about the risk and return profiles of each investment is critical to creating excitement and providing peace of mind.

Performance updates and communication. We build and send quarterly performance reports and general updates while always maintaining open lines of communication with our team.

Timely and secure information. Tax and investment documentation is distributed as quickly as possible and stored in a secure, convenient portal.

Our desire and mission is to turn investors into advocates.

04. Asset management

Work with trusted experts. We team up with qualified, reliable partners across a wide range of specialties, whether general contractors, property managers, developers, attorneys, or accountants.

An active approach. Every team member takes an active role in ensuring investments are where they need to be, including regular meetings with property and project managers throughout each engagement. Efficient operations and clear communication are key and non-negotiable across our portfolio.

Financial accountability. With guidance from our team on budgets, schedules, revenue targets, and business plan execution, everyone who contributes to investment success is held accountable to high performance and expected results.


Insights and analysis

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