Private lending

Access to timely and flexible financing can make all the difference. ALX Real Estate strives to provide competitive private lending solutions for flipping and new construction projects.

Empowering real estate development

Our approach is built on a foundation of trust, transparency, and mutual success. By pooling resources from our investors, we’re able to provide capital that’s not just timely but also effective for the needs of each project. This method ensures our investors enjoy competitive returns, while operators gain access to the funds needed to bring their visions to life, fostering growth and innovation in real estate throughout the DFW community.

Join the ALX private lending community.

The difference between a project’s success and stagnation often hinges on the availability and terms of financing. That’s why we’ve crafted a private lending model that stands as a pillar of support for both new construction and renovation projects. Our model is designed not only to fuel the ambitions of operators but also to offer our investors a secure and lucrative avenue into real estate investment.

We strive to maintain a balance between offering competitive financing options to operators and aiming for reliable returns for our investors. By doing so, we aim to not just participate in the real estate market but to influence it, fostering an environment where innovation, integrity, and sustainability can thrive.

At ALX Real Estate, we believe that private lending should be about more than just transactions—it should be about building a community of investors and operators who are united by a shared vision of what real estate can achieve. It’s about creating spaces that enrich lives and landscapes while offering our investors a path to financial growth and security.

Project assessment and funding

Every project we finance undergoes a thorough evaluation process, ensuring it meets our strict criteria for profitability, sustainability, and market viability. This meticulous approach allows us to offer financing solutions that are both strategic and secure, designed to maximize the potential of each project.

Flexible capital for operators

Our private lending services provide operators with the flexible, responsive capital they need to move quickly in competitive markets. Whether for acquiring property, covering construction costs, or ensuring timely project completion, our financing solutions are structured to support the project’s success from start to finish.

Transparent, secure Investment process

We prioritize transparency and security in every investment, providing detailed information on the use of funds, project progress, and financial projections. Our investors have peace of mind knowing their capital is managed with the utmost care and professionalism, aiming for the best possible returns within a framework of calculated risk management.

Ongoing support for operators

Beyond financing, we offer ongoing support to operators, sharing our expertise and resources to ensure the success of each project. From market analysis to exit strategy planning, we’re committed to fostering long-term partnerships that lead to mutual success.

Our approach to real estate investment

At ALX Real Estate, we take a thorough and strategic approach to every investment, from the beginning stages to the exit. Our team of experts carefully analyze business plans, evaluate financing, and execute a plan to make each investment successful.

Find lucrative opportunities.

We diligently search for deals that offer excellent returns and align with our investment criteria.

Conduct thorough due diligence.

Our team conducts extensive research and analysis to ensure each investment meets our high standards.

Create and manage value.

We work closely with our partners to create and execute a plan to maximize value.

Proven results

Delivering success in real estate investments

At ALX, we have a track record of successful deals, delivering impressive returns on investments, and driving consistent growth under our management. Our expertise in investment management allows us to identify lucrative opportunities and execute strategies that maximize profitability. With ALX, you can trust that your real estate investments are in capable hands.

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